Till Death Do Us Part

A wedding, A jealous Ex.. what could possibly go wrong? 

Murder By Design

You choose everything. Who Dies, How they died and what theme is the mystery?

A Dinner Party To Die For

It is the 1920's.The table is set the food is served...Someone is missing!


Till Death Do Us Part

A wedding, A jealous Ex.. what could possibly go wrong? 

A Little Party

You are at a party next door to the infamous Great Gatsby but alas a fellow reveller has been slain!

A Dinner Party To Die For

It is the 1920's. The table is set the food is served...Someone is missing!


Death On The Nile..Er..Waveny

An evening cruise turns ugly after a guest falls overboard... or were they pushed?

Highland Games

A Lost Robert Burns Manuscript has been found, along with a murdered body!

Killer Trick

A magician has befallen a terrible fate on the eve of his headline show...Accident? We think not.

All That Glitters... Is Dead!

It is 1850, California in a gold rush town. Population 1069. Wait...1068 there has been a murder.

Medieval Mayhem

Find yourself in the middle ages amidst a murder most foul in a little hamlet.


Horse Play

A stable hand has been found dead... but was it suicide or murder?

Hold The Front Page

A journalism tutor is found bludgeoned to death in his classroom...but who did it??

That Sinking Feeling

The young wife of a yacht broker is found horribly murdered in her boathouse.

Deadly Letters

It is 1948 and at the sale of a rare manuscript a terrible murder takes place... are there ties to the Soviets?

Murder in the Smokehouse

A man is found dead in a smokehouse...this one stinks of murder!

The Boys Are Back In Town

It is 1949 and a reunion for some ex GI's turns sour when one of them turns up murdered.

School Reunion

Class of 1992 are horrified when their reunion goes up in smoke due to a deathly electrical 'accident'

Dangerous Medicine

A nurse has been found dead in consulting room 13...was it a terrible medical accident or murder?


Greasepaint & Lights

A British remake of the classic film 'Psycho' is halted when one of the set designers is found dead.

Stage Fright

An am-dram performance of 'The Greatest Showman' is halted when the leading man is found dead.

Scooby Snacks

The local landlord is found dead...This one sounds like one for the mystery machine.

Do You Want Ice With That?

Two days before the sinking of the titanic a gruesome murder took place... can you catch the killer?


Bangers & Flash!

A pyro-technical mishap leads to our victim being found slightly singed...but was it murder?

Christmas is Cancelled

It is Christmas Eve. Father Christmas is missing and Rudolf is presumed dead.

A Haunting We Will Go

Whilst exploring a haunted house our victim was struck down. Was it a poltergeist or a human?

Image by Silver Ringvee


For the really discerning crime buff we offer what we believe is a unique opportunity to solve the greatest murder mystery of all time ... Who was Jack the Ripper?

This mystery has been meticulously researched and the solution is the best guess of someone who is trained in solving real murders and has studied the evidence carefully. As well as being entertaining, like all of our mysteries, this one is also very informative.


Due to its nature, this mystery is available on application only and incurs extra charges

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