Best Sellers

Weddingring in bloodied hand
body outline in chalk
Skeletons at a dinner table

Perfect for Weddings

weddingrings in bloody hands
skeletons at a dinner table

Perfect for Dressing Up

skull and cross bones with revolvers
magician and doves
knights jousting
defiant people in kilts
gold bars

Perfect for Brain Teasers

Black horse rearing
vintage "Oliver" typewriter
"Reunion" sign
smoked mackarel
sinking yacht
American soldier

Perfect for Film Lovers

Silhouette of man raising knife
scooby snacks
RMS Titanic
empty theatre

Festive Favourites

"Christmas is cancelled"
misty woodland with figure

And For Something Really Special

For the really discerning crime buff we offer what we believe is a unique opportunity to solve the greatest murder mystery of all time ... Who was Jack the Ripper?

This mystery has been meticulously researched and the solution is the best guess of someone who is trained in solving real murders and has studied the evidence carefully. As well as being entertaining, like all of our mysteries, this one is also very informative.


Due to its nature, this mystery is available on application only and incurs extra charges

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