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Uplands Community Medical Centre  in Peningar became the scene of a gruesome murder when nurse Annie Payne was found dead in consulting room 13.

Your task is to discover the identity of the killer, the motive for the killing and the method of murder.


We have managed to narrow the list of suspects to the following four:


Will Udietoo - One of the patients at the surgery. It was Will Udietoo that found Annie dead when he went for his diabetes appointment at 2pm.


Gina Waiting - One of the receptionists at the surgery. She was working today.


Denise De’Ath - One of the doctors at the surgery. Confusingly her husband is also a doctor there meaning there are two Dr De’Aths’ working at the surgery. Her husband, Barry was not in work today and is not considered a suspect.


and Jas Singer - A student nurse on a placement at the surgery. She was “shadowing” Annie today.


…Good Luck

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