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Angus Quill was the 7th Laird of the Loch Ankey estate and also very interested in and knowledgeable about historic literature. By 1998 he had built up a reputation amongst British literary circles as someone who could arrange the sale or purchase of fine literary works. He was known to hold lavish dinner parties for those with sufficient funds to purchase such works. If you bought a rare manuscript towards the end of the last millennium it would have probably been transferred to you at one of Angus’ parties.


Angus has been found dead during one of his parties, being held at the family home to facilitate the sale of the manuscript for “Gem O’ the waters” by Robert Burns. A previously undiscovered work. We do not believe his death is an accident and have narrowed the list of suspects to the following four people.


Alison Mcvities the person selling the manuscript.

Ruth Lescow – a journalist who had been employed to boost interest in the manuscript

Rashim “Ras” Putin – a rich businessman who intended buying the manuscript.

Paul Archment – Angus’ cousin and partner in “A. Quill and P. Archment word search”


Your task is to discover who killed him, how the murder was committed and the motive for such a horrible crime.

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