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On May the 11th 1945, 29 year old Timothy Rawlington Clegg was found bludgeoned to death with a lead pipe in a ground floor room of his house, Honeypot farm, Common lane, Moneymaker. This room had been converted into makeshift classroom from which he ran classes in the art of reportage, having been medically discharged from the army.


Timothy had returned from active service in October 1942 having lost the lower part of his left leg in a grenade attack in Burma. Timothy had a younger brother, Will, who was at the time of his brother’s death, on leave from active service. Timothy and Will’s parents were dead, having been victims of one of the few bombs to have dropped in the area, killed when Paulham’s village store was destroyed during an air raid.

Timothy was a single man, with no recognised lady friend, though he had been seen on several occasions recently in the company of a local spinster by the name of Belinda Blackthorn.

Timothy appears to have maintained an income by renting out the land he owns to a local farmer, Mr Furrow and by reporting for the Eastern daily press and teaching others the art of reportage.

Your task is to investigate his death, and if it is by foul play to:-

1.    Discover the identity of the murderer(s). We have narrowed it down to four possible suspects:-

1.    His 20 year old brother William Rawlington Clegg
2.    Geoff Chambers, a 44 year old local married man, and one of Timothy’s students
3.    Emma Osbourne, a 24 year old local housewife, also a student and
4.    Bin (Belinda) Blackthorn, a local spinster aged 38, who found the body.

2.   Discover the motive for the crime, and

3.   Discover the circumstances surrounding the killing of Robert

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