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The story of the sinking of the RMS Titanic is well known, there are many theories as to the cause of the incident. Less well known is that two days before the fatal collision, there was a murder on board. Tonight we will take you back to the scene of the murder. This murder mystery is entirely fictitious and is dedicated to the memory of the 1517 passengers and crew who perished 375 miles Southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia in the early hours of 15th April 1912

It is the evening of the12th April 1912, two days before the disaster. The Titanic is in mid Atlantic, her three engines pushing her through the calm seas at 21 knots (about 24 miles per hour), passengers are enjoying an evening meal whilst crew members are busy looking after them. They do not give a thought to the 176 men hand shovelling coal constantly into the 29 boilers in the engine rooms below. All is well until ……


….The deceased, James Bosun was the 2nd officer on board. At the time of his death he was on watch on the bridge, temporarily alone. This was against company rules as there should have been 2 Junior Officers with him. However, the fourth officer was doing his hourly round of the decks to ensure everything was in order and James had dispatched the 6th officer to the radio room as there was a problem with the telephone link between the bridge and radio room and James wanted to ensure that he was receiving all necessary radio messages.  He was discovered slumped over the wheel, his face contorted in pain a piece of paper clutched in his right hand.

We suspect that he was murdered and for reasons we are not able to disclose at this stage we believe that one of the following suspects killed him.


Nigel Martin, The owner of the rival “Martin Line” cruise line

Tracy Bosun, James’ wife

Luke Eyeglass, a lookout on board, who was due to start his tour of duty,

Pam Dyson, one of the bedroom Stewardesses serving the first class accommodation


Your task is to discover the identity of the killer, the method of killing James and the motive

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