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A persons wedding day should be the most memorable day of their life. In the case of Adam and Eve Love it certainly was, as the best man's speech was interrupted by a murder when Amanda Tsorts, the wedding planner (and friend of the family) that had organised the big day suddenly collapsed and died completely ruining the best man’s funny story about the groom and the pot-bellied pig…

The deceased, Amanda Tsorts was a professional wedding planner, working in partnership with a professional wedding photographer and her sister Rose who is a florist. She was also a personal friend of the bride and groom, having met them via the groom’s brother Tony a few years back. Amanda had agreed to organise the wedding as her gift to the lucky couple. If only she had been a funeral planner the event may have gone much more smoothly. Amanda had been present alone at the wedding as her husband Giuseppe was away on business organizing an advertising campaign for his “All Tsorts” fashion label.


Your task is to discover the cause of death, and if it is by foul play to:-


  1. Discover the identity of the murderer(s). We have narrowed it down to four possible suspects:


Tony RING, the best man.

Nora HOPE, the chief bridesmaid.

Rose WILT, the florist.

and Andy SNAP the photographer.


2. Discover the motive for the crime, and


  1. Discover the means of killing Amanda

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