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It is 1924 and Boons Heath hall has become the scene of a murder when its wealthy owner Robert BARNYARD died during a small dinner party at the hall. Present at the time were, apart from the dead man, his wife Ruth and a friend from the village Damian PAULHAM (Damian's wife Millicent was due to dine with the BARNYARDS but unfortunately was unwell.)
The only other people known to have visited the hall on the day of Robert's death were a local florist called Rebecca GREENOAK and Robert's sister Alison 


The deceased Robert Clifford BARNYARD, aged 48, lived at Boons heath hall, in the Hamlet of Peningar with his wife Ruth. There are no known children from the marriage. The couple have lived at the hall for about three years. The deceased has a sister who lives in Ipswich with his father, his mother having died some years ago. It is believed that he had a brother who was killed in the war. The couple have two servants, a housemaid called Mrs GREY who lives in a room at the house, and a chauffeur come caretaker called Mr FORSDYKE who lives in the nearby village of Toft Staithe.
It is believed that the deceased was a financier of some description. Nothing is known about his wife's family at this stage, though local rumour is that Ruth is an orphan. The couple are known to own two Siamese cats named Taj and Mahal. They have no other pets.
The deceased was found after a dinner party. Present in the house at that time along with the deceased were his wife and a friend Mr Damian PAULHAM. The only other people known to visit the deceased on the day of his death were his sister Alison BARNYARD, and a local florist called Rebecca GREENOAK.
It would appear that the deceased went out on the morning of his death, but we do not yet know where he went.
It is believed that Mr PAULHAM runs the local general store and is married to Millicent PAULHAM and that there are no children from the union. It is believed that Miss GREENOAK lives in Much Shrieking with her mother, father, and sister Mabel.
As of yet we have no cause of death, but the deceased has apparently been receiving death threats recently so his demise is being treated as suspicious.

Your task is to discover the cause of death, and if it is by foul play to:-

1.    Discover the identity of the murderer(s). We have narrowed it down to four possible suspects:-

    Alison BARNYARD
    Rebecca GREENOAK
    Damian PAULHAM

2.     Discover the motive for the crime, and

3.    Discover the means of killing Robert

Good Luck

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