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Britain is in the grip of the dark ages. Plague and pestilence are rife and as if that isn't bad enough the hamlet of Peningar has been the scene of yet another brutal murder

The Miller, Hugh Wright, nicknamed Lord Grabalass was 32, married and has fathered eleven children of whom three survive; two daughters and a son. He was responsible for milling all the local grain from the farms in the area.
Most people ate little else other than bread, and would have been getting through 2 – 3 loaves a day served with cheese, cold or stewed meat and whatever else was available. The miller was a hugely important part of the village and he was rich in comparison to the ordinary town’s people. 
He has been pilloried in the past for short deliveries – he was found guilty of keeping flour back for his own use, and spent three days in the stocks. He also had to pay back those he cheated, though the local farmer never felt he had received a fair due.
Hugh was often unfaithful to his wife, hence his nickname. He gambled, mostly on cock fights. He was a very heavy drinker and bad tempered. He was widely disliked. There are several young men in the area who are interested in the miller’s daughters, but were holding back due to not wanting him as a part of their family estates.
He has been found shot in the eye with an arrow on the day of the village fete!
 We have four suspects. All you need to do is seek them out and see what they have to tell you about themselves, their day and the other suspects. Then  tell us who the killer was and why Hugh was killed.
The suspects you need to find are:
The widow - “Goody” Briers
The Farmers son – Nicholas Leverton
The Wheelwright – Patrick Connor
And the Hermit – Peter Matthews

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