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On Thursday 3rd November 2011 Peningar sports and social club became the scene of a gruesome murder when James Buzy was murdered during a School reunion arranged by him.

The “Deben High School class of 1992” re union was cut short when James was electrocuted during his opening speech.

The deceased, James Buzy was a single 35 year old car salesman. Over the last ten years he had built up a thriving business though it is rumoured locally that his prosperity has more to do with his criminal activities than his skills when selling cars. It is believed that he ran a successful protection racket but nothing has ever been proved against him in relation to his misdeeds.

James lived until his death at Peningar Rectory, a rambling 16th century mansion that he shared with his three jack Russell dogs and a number of occasional female visitors.

The circumstances of his death are that he decided it would be fun to organise a reunion of his old school friends. With the aid of a battered photograph and a private investigator with unusual methods he managed to trace all but three of the people he was at school with. The three that sent their apologies were Mavis Sprogett who had just delivered sextuplets a few days previously, “Jumbo” Strong who was on holiday at her majesty’s holiday camp in Hollesley bay having been convicted of a string of bank robberies and Peter Lawson who seems to have just disappeared around four years earlier.

The evening was organised by James, his brother Damian, sister in law Tracy and two friends Stephen Chalk and Rebecca Cane.

At 6.30 James straightened his tie, walked to the Disco equipment, picked up the microphone and said “good evening ladies and.....”this was followed by a burst of feedback and his screams as he was electrocuted.

We suspect that he was murdered and for reasons we are not able to disclose at this stage we believe that one of the following suspects killed him.


Damian Buzy

Tracy Buzy

Stephen Chalk

Rebecca Cane

Paul Teach


Your task is to discover the identity of the killer, the method of killing James and the motive

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