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The Hoxne Wags dog club was created to allow local dog owners, and their dogs, to socialise. The idea was to create a friendly club to promote responsible dog ownership and the wellbeing of dogs in the area. Their regular Tuesday evening meetings at Hoxne village hall include talks by vets and dog behaviour specialists and practical sessions with dog trainers etc.

Each year they hold a dog show as a fundraiser and to encourage new members. Last night, at a meeting of the committee to plan next summer’s event, the chairperson, Sandra Snarl, was murdered.

We have narrowed the suspects down to the following four people, all present at the meeting.


Katy Collar – A photographer, and member of the club.

Peter Paw – The groundsman at the playing fields by the hall.

Hugh Howled – A member of the club

Gina Leash – An active member of the club.


Your task is to discover who killed Sandra, how they managed it in a busy pub and why….

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