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The year is 1850 and the town of Goldsborough, California is a thriving and lively community with a population of 1069 .

Stop press, it seems the town is more deadly than lively as the population has just dropped to 1068 following the death of Rupert Weasley



Rupert Weasley was one of the hundreds of men who had arrived in town planning to make their fortune by panning for gold in the rivers nearby or mining it armed with only a pick axe, shovel and optimism. Like so many others before and after him he found that there was a massive difference between his dreams and the harsh reality of the Californian gold rush.
Rupert was 27 when he died, having left his wife and three young girls back in New York a few months earlier while he headed west to get rich and set them up for life.

We believe he was murdered and that one of the four following suspects killed him.
Peter Diggory, a fellow gold panner also from New York

Mark Leach, the local medicine man

Bimisi Machakw, a warrior from the Mano tribe of native American Indians

Or Charlotte Hooker, a local ... gentlemen's entertainer

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