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On Saturday 19th November 1949 Priory Hall in Peningar became the scene of a gruesome murder when General “Joe” Colton was murdered during a reunion party for the GIs who had been stationed there a few years earlier

When Sarah Marple-Smythe was arranging a party “to die for” she had never imagined it really would be ….or had she?  

Your task is to discover the identity of the killer, the method of killing Joseph and the motive.


We have managed to narrow the list of suspects to the following five


Sarah Marple-Smythe, the party organiser

Alison Wide, a friend of Sarah’s who was helping prepare for the party

Alison’s husband Paul Wide, a local farm worker

Alan Warble Lead singer of the band due to play at the party

And Damian Monroe a former GI who had relocated to Peningar once the war ended.


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