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Don Taskme was a magician who used the stage name “The Great Fooldini”. He was well known on the holiday park circuit for his death defying feats (Think - Eddie the Eagle does magic). Today he was due to take part in the Anglia Magic Society Annual Competition with his “Head Zopper” illusion. This is a modern twist on the famous guillotine illusion of days gone by.

It seems that something has gone wrong during a rehearsal and Don will no longer be “Head” lining tonight’s show as someone has gone and made him a few inches shorter.

We do not believe his death was an accident and have narrowed the suspects down to the following four people.

Steve Wand A.K.A The Amazing Bongo, a fellow competitor 
Sam Card A.K.A The All Knowing Oculus, another competition entrant. 
Paul Add, a local man and a friend of Don
Rebecca Du’Bious, Don’s glamorous young assistant    

Your task is to discover who killed Don, how the act was committed and the motive for such a horrible crime.


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