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Morley Old Hall is steeped in history. Since its construction started in 1545 it has housed many interesting characters, some, it seems remain there even though they are long dead. on 24 August 1964 one of its dead residents became a TV star, appearing on an Anglia TV documentary about the work of the famous ghost hunter Tony Cornell. Some believe the monk seen by Anglia viewers was the ghost of Alexander de Langley, one-time prior of Wymondham, who became insane and was said to have committed a terrible crime in the hall.

Another terrible crime was committed last night when Simon Pooky, the managing director of S. Pooky investigations was killed during a ghost hunt he had organised to try and find evidence of the elusive monk.

Your task is to discover who killed him, how the murder was committed and the motive for such a horrible crime. We have narrowed the suspects down to the following four people, all members of the team of ghost hunters present at the hall:

Katy Veil – a renowned medium

Amelia Sneerer – a sceptic brought in to verify any findings

Hugh Screamed – the team’s technical expert

Dave De’Ath – a ghost hunter who specialises in more traditional detection methods

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