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It is  1922 and Long Island is the place to be. Prohibition has been in place for two years but that is not a problem if you know the right people. Until a couple of months back the “right people” included Jay Gatsby.

Alcohol always flowed freely at the lavish parties he held, until he was shot and killed.

Now, however it seems that the mystery of Gatsby’s life has deepened even further as a mysterious gentleman has moved into “Lands End” and continues to hold the same lavish parties. There have been six parties since Jay’s death, one a week since the funeral.

It seems, however, that the Grim Reaper is still stalking the grounds of the old Gatsby house as, just prior to the party you are attending the new mysterious tenant was also shot and killed

Your task is to discover the identity of the killer, the motive for the killing and the identity of the victim.


We have managed to narrow the list of suspects to the following four:


Billy “Fingers” McBettit, a professional gambler and “friend” of the victim.

Nigel Moonshine, a local businessman and guest at the party.

Rachael Screech, a singer due to perform at the party.

And Katy Smother, a “special” guest of the host.

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