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Brian Flash was both Flash by name and flash by nature.


He was loud, arrogant and boastful. He had made his money running “Bangers and Flash” firework display company along with his business partner Mick Fuse. At the time of Brian’s death, the company had been operating for 11 years and provided spectacular shows for weddings, corporate events and local authority organised displays.

At the time of his death, Brian was setting up an especially designed display or the burgh St Peter branch of “The Organisation for Retired Health and Safety Inspectors”

We are satisfied that his death was no accident as Brian was found face down in a box of  sparklers with a screwdriver sticking out of his back, between his shoulder blades.


We have narrowed the list of suspects to the following four people

Mark Flash – The dead man’s younger brother

Jane Flash – Brian’s grieving widow

Mick Fuse – His business partner and

Karen Glitter – the secretary for the business


Your task is to discover who killed him and the motive for such a horrible crime

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