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Harry Armpits was a leading actor with the Grosvenor Yarmouth Very Amateur Dramatic Society. He has been due to play the part of Philip Carlyle in their theatrical performance of “The Greatest Showman”, based on the film of the same name.


Harry has been found dead just before the opening night. We do not believe his death is an accident and have narrowed the list of suspects to the following four people.


Hannah Star - the beautiful young actress playing the leading lady Charity Barnum.

Peter “Petes” Props – who was playing the leading Man, “Philo Barnum”.

Katy Stage– who was playing the part of Jenny Lind. (Katy found the body at about 5:30)

Paul Curtains – who played the part of the Strong Man in the show.


Your task is to discover who killed harry, how the murder was committed and the motive for such a horrible crime.

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